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Birdhouses, Sculptures & Seasonal

christmas tobacco slat stars

Christmas Tobacco Slat Stars

24 x 24" Decorated Slat Wood Star...


Product details

framed dream quote

Framed and Decorated Quotes

10 x 12" Framed Quote with Regular...


Product details

hand-painted snowman wood plate

Hand-Painted Snowman Wood Plate

10 x 10" Hand Painted 'Comfort & Joy"...


Product details

handpainted funky birdhouses

Handpainted funky birdhouses

14" "See the World in Black and White"...


Product details

handpainted funky houses

Handpainted funky houses

14" 'If the Glass Slipper Fits' Lantern...


Product details

tobacco slat lighted frame

Tobacco Slat Lighted Frame

18 x 24"" Decorated Slat Wood Picture...


Product details

tobacco slat painted sled

Tobacco Slat Painted Sled

10 x 32" Hand-painted sled with berries...


Product details


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Shelly Melnyk

Posted:29-04-2013 Hits:335 Feedbacks Super User

"One word: 'Awesome!' Heather’s skills & talent as an artist combined with her warm, enthusiastic inclusive approach have afforded my daughter to grow and explore her creative passion. The variety of mediums helped her to try new things and create pieces she is truly proud to show. The technique and theory help to round out her whole learning experience. Thank you Heather!" Shelly Melnyk

Ruth Rankin

Posted:29-04-2013 Hits:265 Feedbacks Super User

"Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed every class that she’s taken with Heather. So much so, that she invited friends to an art class birthday party. Lots of fun! It’s been a great balance to add a creative activity to her extra-curricular activities." Ruth Rankin

Pamela Schellling

Posted:29-04-2013 Hits:233 Feedbacks Super User

"She loves art. We love framing her work. We love the oil pastels and the watercolors. A beautiful smile after every class to go with a fantastic piece of art!" Pamela Schellling

Tracy Link

Posted:29-04-2013 Hits:282 Feedbacks Super User

"My daughter loves coming to art class with Heather. She loves it so much she has asked to join a second class per week. The pieces she has brought home are beautiful. Our favorite painting is on our fireplace mantel so we can see and enjoy it every day. Heather is very talented and works well with the children. We would recommend this class to everyone." Tracy Link


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