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Custom Picture Framing Tips

Picture framing can sometimes be confusing and our goal at The Creative Palette in Barrie is to provide you with some great tips to help you make sure you are happy with your framed art and know exactly what to expect when you frame with us.

Picture Framing Tip #1:

Framing is primarily used to make sure that your art looks great. Quality presentation enhances every aspect of the art; a poorly selected frame can make even the best piece of are look terrible. A well selected frame and mat should not overpower the artwork and should draw the eye to the piece in a natural way.

Picture Framing Tip #2:

The frame you choose is supposed to protect your art. We have had a number of treasured and valuable items come into our shop because they were improperly framed and damaged as they fell to the ground. It is important to ensure that your art is properly framed by a trusted professional who is experienced.

Request a free no obligation quote for your framing job.  Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the dimensions of the piece you are framing (inches are preferable.)  Give a full description of the item (photo, art, sports memorbilia, needle point, etc) include your choice for a frame, if glass is needed, mats, etc. 


The benefits of custom framing

There are many benefits to having a professional custom frame your picture and The Creative Palette in Barrie is able to provide the best quality that ensures your art is protected and will look great in your home or office.

  • Experience: A custom picture framer has likely framed thousands of prints and photographs and knows what mistakes to avoid.
  • Quality: A professional framer has specialized tools and techniques and that when combined with their knowledge, ensure a higher quality product than the 'big box' stores.
  • Credentials: An experienced framer will have an intimate knowledge of colour, style, size, proportion and design that will help you decide on what frame is best for your home or office.
  • Selection: Custom picture framing shops often have a wide variety of materials to choose from and are able to find the materials that are often hard to find and expensive to order individually.
  • Protection: Over time art can fade, turn yellow and be damaged by light. The materials that a custom framer uses are scientifically designed to help protect your art. We use only the best acid-free mat board, UV protected glass and specialized assembly techniques to be sure that your treasured item will stand the test of time.

Picture Framing

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    Are you tired of waiting in line at one of the big box stores? Visit us today to get a professional quote at a price that will suprise you.

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    In House Framing. All of our framing is done at our location to ensure the highest quality and fastest turnaround for your keepsake.

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    Hundreds of choices. We offer hundreds of choices of custom frames, mouldings, glass and mat boards. We will work with you until you are satisfied.

We are making custom picture framing affordable again!

Your custom framing specialists.

  • Custom picture framing
  • Ideal for home or office
  • Frame Repairs
  • Frame Replacement
  • Shadowboxing
  • Custom Frame Designs
  • Glass Replacement
  • Custom Mat's
  • Business Consignment Opportunities
  • Art Touch-up
  • Mat Replacement

You name it, we can frame it!

  • Original art
  • Prints
  • Diplomas
  • Needlepoint
  • Photography
  • Sports Memorabillia
  • Jerseys
  • Ceramic and Glass Pieces
  • Awards
  • Mirrors
  • Plates
  • and much, much more!

Picture Framing Services Offered By The Creative Palette

The Creative Palette offers custom picture framing and is located just minutes south of Barrie away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city traffic. We pride ourselves on being competetively priced and provide the best quality for your valuable or treasured item. All of our framing is done in house and to the highest archival methods available.

The Creative Palette offers a hugh selection of wood, metal and synthetic frames in hundreds of styles and colours to fit your design needs. Our mat board is the highest quality in the industry. The type of mat you choose is the same type that museums use to preserve their art. We also offer a wide variety of UV protected glass that will help to prevent light from damaging or yellowing your art.

Find a perfect picture frame for your Barrie Home or Office.

We are an award winning business that has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. We offer the best picture framing prices in Barrie to make sure that you stay within budget. We will help you through every step to ensure that your cherished item will look great in your home or office for years.


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Shelly Melnyk

Posted:29-04-2013 Hits:339 Feedbacks Super User

"One word: 'Awesome!' Heather’s skills & talent as an artist combined with her warm, enthusiastic inclusive approach have afforded my daughter to grow and explore her creative passion. The variety of mediums helped her to try new things and create pieces she is truly proud to show. The technique and theory help to round out her whole learning experience. Thank you Heather!" Shelly Melnyk

Ruth Rankin

Posted:29-04-2013 Hits:265 Feedbacks Super User

"Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed every class that she’s taken with Heather. So much so, that she invited friends to an art class birthday party. Lots of fun! It’s been a great balance to add a creative activity to her extra-curricular activities." Ruth Rankin

Pamela Schellling

Posted:29-04-2013 Hits:233 Feedbacks Super User

"She loves art. We love framing her work. We love the oil pastels and the watercolors. A beautiful smile after every class to go with a fantastic piece of art!" Pamela Schellling

Tracy Link

Posted:29-04-2013 Hits:282 Feedbacks Super User

"My daughter loves coming to art class with Heather. She loves it so much she has asked to join a second class per week. The pieces she has brought home are beautiful. Our favorite painting is on our fireplace mantel so we can see and enjoy it every day. Heather is very talented and works well with the children. We would recommend this class to everyone." Tracy Link


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